Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Drama Costume History Class Visit, Fall 2010

Editor's note: We've been busy with "Trying on History," but you wouldn't know it from this blog! To catch up, we'll be sharing several posts from visits over the last two years. Here's the first! 

Vassar's Costume Designer, Kenisha Kelly, had her Costume History class participate in our "Trying on History" activity in November of 2010. This activity has its roots in the Drama Department's Costume History class, but over the years it has grown to provide further outreach to other Vassar classes and local community groups. Still, our costume history class visitors are the best prepared for this activity!

Take a look at this slideshow from their visit:

You can click on the slideshow to go to the Picasa Web Album with the images; from there you can see a full screen view, or download your own copy of an image.

If you're having trouble viewing this slideshow, you can view it directly in Picasa.